Tom & Mar's Wedding  - 17th September 2021 in Sitges, Spain

Wedding & birthday breakfast

Ruby's playlist for Tom & Mar's wedding day

Mar's bouquet with some of Rosie's favourite flowers

Mar's mum, Elena

Mar's dad, Pere

Renee & Lena's mini wedding cake

Rita carrying the cake to the wedding

Walking along Sant Sebastian beach to the City Hall

Walking up to the City Hall

Mar's mum Elena giving a beautiful speech

Tom giving thanks to the families present and absent

Tom, Mar, Rita & Elisabeth (the wedding official & Mar's friend)

Pere & Mercé with Tom, Mar & Rita

Elena with Tom, Mar & Rita

Pere & Adrian - The official witnesses

The wedding table

Adrian's birthday wasn't forgotten

Adrian needed a bib from the waiter, to eat his lobster & snails

Cream  & custard lioneses wedding cake

Renee & Lena's special wedding cake

Delicious 3 chocolate birthday cake

Joined by Mar's brother's family Pere, Elena, Noah & Teo

Thank you all for a wonderful day! Love Tom & Mar

Lovely Rita

Rita's flower bracelet