These are Rosie's diaries for our epic trip around the coast of the British Isles. It was carried out over a long period of time. It was started in our new motorhome the "Tiv" in 1996 and finished in our 2nd motorhome the "Ixi" with the Shetland Isles in 2014.

We called it our "ROAD ROUND BRITAIN" – that's us (Ro and Ad) driving round the coast of Britain, concentrating on the smaller roads and stopping off wherever and whenever we fancied to explore, visit, swim, cycle, walk  or whatever. We avoided built up areas as much as possible, but visited seaside towns as we came across them. Although a bit of 'history' now, we thought some of our more avid readers will enjoy them. Yes, we look younger, but it was 24 years ago at the start! Also all the early photos (up to 2003 ) are not digital and so they are not as good and there are far less of them than we might have taken today!  Much of the early diary is handwritten, so  has taken a long time to be ready for the website! The component sections which were done as we had the time to do them were not in any logical order, so we have ordered them in order going round the coast starting at Essex and going north. This has resulted in each section being in odd date order and some sections are even 'back to front' in direction This time when we are 'grounded' by the coronavirus and various health problems, seemed an ideal time to do it!


1 - The English East Coast

This section is the English East Coast from Tilbury, Essex to Berwick, Northumberland