Photos of Rosie (1990 to 1999)

1990 to 1999



Feb 1990 on the Kennet & Avon Canal

Feb 26 1990 Birthday girl

Mar 1990 at Val & Mikes Silver Wedding

Apr 1990 Shrewsbury

May 1990 Exbury gardens

May 1990 Bower camp, New Forest

May 1990 Stirlng

May 1990 Oban

Jul 1990 Cape camp, Forest of Dean

Aug 1990 Beaugency, France

Aug 1990 Port Bon, France

Aug 1990 Brantome, France

Sep 1990 At Burghfield - whilst walking the Kennett & Avon canal

Oct 1990 With Tom at Whitby

Oct 1990 The stepping stones at Egton Bridge, N. Yorks

Dec 1990 In the woods

Jan 1991 preparing for Si's party

Feb 1991 Armacao de Pera, Portugal

Feb 1991 Armacao de Pera, Portugal

May 1991 at Settle

May 1991 with Tom, climbing

Pen-y-Ghent, N. Yorks

Jul 1991 Walking from Bath to Bristol along the Kennet & Avon Canal

Jul 1991 With Jill & Ali in the Civil Service Club, London

Aug 1991 Our Silver Wedding

Aug 1991 Our Silver Wedding

Aug 1991 Our Silver Wedding

Aug 1991 Our Silver Wedding in Eastern Germay

Aug 1991 Brandenburgh Gate, Berlin

Aug 1991 with Manfred & Vera in Halle, East Germany

Oct 1991 on the Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Oct 1991 On a 'Jaunting Car' Killarney, Ireland

Dec 1991 with Mum Cape at Hampton Hill

Feb 1992 Paul, Tom, Simon, Emma, Adrian & Rosie

Feb 1992 Jersey

Feb 26 1992 Birthday girl

Mar 1992 Saying goodbye to Simon - off on his world travels

Apr 1992 With Emma & Tom at Teignmouth, Devon

Apr 1992 at Teignmouth, Devon

May 1992 at Stirling Castle

May 1992 with Tom at Ardgartan, Scotland

May 1992 at Portavardie, Scotland

Aug 1992 Rosie at Pisa

Aug 1992  Corsica

Aug 1992 Corsica

Aug 13 1992 Anniversary meal at Yattendon

Oct 1992 Dartmoor

Nov 1992 Birmingham

Feb 26 1993 The first Nicky & Rosie birthday together - many more to come!

Mar 1993 Bangkok

Mar 1993 on the ferry, Sydney harbour

Mar 1993 With Adrian's Aunty Olive, Uncle Ali, Hilda and cousin Shirley in Sydney

Apr 1993 our camper through Queensland

Apr 1993 Cape Hillsborough, Queensland  - our first glimpse of paradise

Apr 1993  on the boat to the Whitsunday islands - Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Apr 1993 on the Kuranda railway, Queensland

Apr 1993 Having a 'Singapore Sling' at Raffles, Singapore

Jun 1993 The last part of our walk along the Avon Gorge, Bristol

July 1993 Kefolonia, Greece

Aug 14 1993 Paul & Nicky's wedding

Aug 1993 Paul & Nicky's wedding

Aug 1993 with Mum Cape at Lynmouth

Oct 1993 at Morzine, France

Oct 1993 on a walk near Les Gets, France

Dec1993 Sisters

Feb 1994 Birthday girl at Fairford

Apr 1994 at the battery, Lundy

May 1994 Bower camp at Wellington Country Park

Jun 1994 at Hastings

Jul 1994 - how old?- at Availles Limouzine, France

July 1994 - on our walk along the Dordogne, France

July 1994 - on our walk along the Dordogne, France

Jul 1994 Paddling down the river on a sunny afternoon - Dordogne, France

Jul 1994 By the Lot at Larnagol, France

Jul 1994 St Cirq Lapopie, France

Jul 1994 at a restaurant with Hil & Doug, Montferrand, France

Aug 1994 with the Morris at Bowood, Wilts

Oct 1994 Mum Cape's birthday at Teddington

Oct 1994 Being a child again

Oct 1994 In the hotel at Ashby de la Zouch - Rosie loved the name from childhood


Nov 1994 on the beach at Hengisbury Head, Bournemouth

Feb 1995 Bayeux, France

Feb 1995 Birthday girls again

Mar 1995 Bower oldies weekend at Bournemouth


Apr 1995 early morning tea at

Mangawhai, New Zealand

Apr 1995 Taupo Bay NZ

Apr 1994 Hot water beach, Coromandel, NZ

Apr 1995 Paekakariki Beach, NZ

Apr 1995 Hot cross buns at Nelson, NZ

Apr 1995 at Cape Foulwind! NZ

Apr 1995  Kaikoura, NZ

Apr 1995  Eating crayfish at Kaikoura, NZ

Apr 1995 at Coral Coast, Fiji

May 1995 at Marlborough on VE day

Aug 1995 with Simon at Ruokkee, Finland

Sep 1995 Cape Family at Hermitage

Oct 1995 Clecy, France

Feb 1996 at Petit Bot, Guernsey - 30 years on

Feb 1996 Birthdays again

Mar 1996 Our end of work balloon flight at Newbury

Apr 1996 on the 70 mile Epilepsy walk  to Tollard Royal, Wiltshire

May 1996 Leaving with the Old car & Caravan for France

May 1996 by the Morris north of Paris

May 1996 at Le Havre  on our way home


June 1996 walking the route of the Newbury bypass

June 1996  with Mum  Cape at Virginia water - our last photo of her

Jul 1996 at Fintra bay Donegal, Ireland

Jul 1996 in our new motorhome - the Tiv - in County Mayo, Ireland

Aug 1996 At 'The Vyne' Basingstoke for our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Oct 1996 at San Vicente, Northern Spain

Oct 1996 at Santiago de Compostella, Spain

Nov 1996 at Armacao de Pera, Portugal

Nov 1996 at Seville, Spain - in the rain


Nov 1996 on top of  the 'rock', Gibraltar

Nov 1996 in Tangier, Morocco

Nov 1996 the Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

Dec 1996 a drink on the beach near Valencia, Spain before we leave for home

Jan 1997 Putting Tom on the bus at Reading en route for Australia

Jan1997 on Malta

Jan1997 on Gozo, Malta

Feb 1997 in the woods,


Feb 1997 at Little Venice, London

Apr 1997 70 mile Epilepsy walk to Lyme Regis, Dorset

Apr 1997 at Lawrence of Arabia's cottage, Dorset

May 1997 at a favourite of Rosie's, Holcombe, Dawlish

May 1997 with Irene & Ali at Hermitage

May 1997 With Ali by the Morris

May 1997 with Paul & Nicky at Hermitage

Jun 1997 at St Malo, France

Jun 1997 at Ploumananc, France

Jun 1997 in Brittany at the most westerly point in France

Jun 1997 at Josselin, Brittany, France

Jul 1997 at Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Jul 1997 in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

Jul 1997 in Co Clare, Ireland

Jul 1997 family at Caherdaniel, Co Kerry, Ireland

Jul 1997 with Si at Waterford, Ireland

Sep 1997 Walking the Thames path at London

Sep 1997 at Edale, Derbyshire

Dec1997 at Hermitage

Jan 1998 at Heathrow off to Oz

Jan 1998 in Tahiti

Jan 1998 by Herman Melville memorial on Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Isands

Jan 1998 Lunch with Rosie's cousins on Ua Pou, Marquesas Islands

Jan 1998 Rosie being weighed to get on the plane on Ua Pou, Marquesas

Feb 1998 We meet our transport for the next 10 months - the Platybus - at Albury, Australia

Feb 1998 Rosie steering a steam boat on the Murray River, in NSW

Feb 1998 Start as you mean to go on - swimming in the Murray River on day 3

Feb 1998 at Canberra

Feb 1998 with Uncle Ali at Palm beach NSW

Feb 1998 on Palm Beach NSW

Feb 26 1998 birthday at

Bairnsdale, Victoria

Feb 26 1998 Rosie on her 55th birthday at 42°C, Paynesville, Victoria,

Mar 1998 Tandem ride at Melbourne

Mar 1998 in the gorge, Launceston, Tasmania

Mar 1998 at Notley Fern Gorge, Tasmania

 Mar 1998 with Jan & Rob Tanner at Nepa Bunna, Flinders Ranges

Mar 1998 at the Erskine Falls, Victoria

Apr 1998 At the beginning of the Nullarbor Plain near Yalata, South Australia.


Apr 1998 in the Stirling Ranges NP, Western Australia.

May 1998 by the campfire at Chapmans Pool, near Margaret River, Western Australia

May 1998 at Cape Leeuwin - Western Australia.

 May 1998 on a fabulous Steam ride at Pemberton, Western Australia.

May 1998 cycling on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

May 1998 being 'eaten' near Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia.

May 1998 in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia

May 1998 at Jurien Beach, Western Australia

Jun 1998 near Mushroom Rock, Kalbarri, Western Australia

Jun 1998 Kalbarri, Western Australia

Jun 1998 on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Jun 1998 by the Prison Boab tree at Derby, Western Australia

Jul 1998 in Echidna Chasm, Bungle Bungles, Western Australia.

Jul 1998 after a sunset swim in Lake Argyle, Western Australia

Jul 1998 at Joe Creek,

Northern Territory (NT)

Jul 1998 early morning swim in Edith Falls Top Pool, NT

Jul 1998 enjoying Douglas Hot Springs, NT

Jul 1998 on Lasiana Beach near Kupang, West Timor

Jul 1998 in a cave at

Camplong, West Timor.

Jul 1998 supper at East Point, Darwin, NT

Jul 1998 by the Cathedral Termite mound, Kakadu NP, NT,

Aug 1998 after an early morning skinny dip at the Mataranka Falls, NT

Aug 1998 at Ormiston Gorge, NT,

Aug 1998 by the Platybus at Ormiston Gorge, NT

Aug 1998 amongst the very unseasonable wilflowers on our Aniversary on the Meerine Loop near Kings Canyon, NT

Aug 1998 on a bridge on the walk, Kings Canyon, NT

Au 1998 on our walk round 'Ayers Rock', NT

Sep 1998 at the top of Cape York, Queensland

Sep 1998 on our tour vehicle on the Nifold Plain, Cape York, Queensland

Sep 1998 at Twin Falls, Cape York, Queensland - it was fun in the warm water

Sep 1998 with Heliconia & Paw Paw near Babinda, Queensland

Oct 1998 our overnight spot at Grays Bay, Bowen, Queensland

Oct 1998 at Sunset at magical Fairbairn Dam, near Emerald, Queensland,

Oct 1998 at Central Station, Frazer Island, Queensland

 Oct 1998 by the Ute on our last night - on the East Coast, Frazer Island, Queensland

Nov 1998 with her Kookaburra friend, Manorina Bush Camp, Brisbane Forest, Queensland

Nov 1998 at Byron Bay - most easterly point in Oz, NSW

Nov 1998 having coffee at Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

Dec 1998 writing Christmas cards at free camp near Bandon, Forbes, NSW

Dec 1998 on the last night on the road with the Platybus, Corryong, Victoria

 Dec 1998 in special chair at Folks Art Studio, Foshan, China.

Dec 1998 arriving back at Heathrow after a year away

Dec 1998 Boxing day with Emma in the pool at P&N's house, Parbrook, Somerset

Feb 1999 on our levada walk near Portelo, Madeira

Feb 1998 enjoying dancing at a Madeiran Evening, Monte, Madeira

Apr 1999 cycling around Bruges, Belgium

Apr 1999 in the 'sweetheart' tulips near Vogelensang, Holland

Apr 1999 with Simon on the roof of the Science Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Jun 1996 on our Thames path walk at Clifton Hampden, Oxon

Jul 1998 'We've made it' The source of the Thames.

Jul 1998  at Lisieux, France

Jul 1998 with Hil & Doug in the pool at 'Louis place', St Avit Senieur, France

Jul 1998 waiting for the 'Tour de France' at Montbazens, France

Jul 1999 at Castelnau de Montmiral, France

Aug 1999 at a friends wedding in Belfort, France

Aug 1999 during the total eclipse at Lauingham, Germany

Aug 1999 on our anniversary morning at Zelezna Ruda, Czech

Aug 1999 in the Old City Square, Prague, Czech

Aug 1999 waiting for the fireworks in the rain, Budapest, Hungary

Aug 1999 at Lake Balaton, Hungary

Sep 1998 cycling around the lake at Marville, France.

Sep 1999 on a walk near Castleton, Peak District, Derbyshire

Nov 1999 at Kykkos Monastery, Troodos mountains, Cyprus

Nov 1999 at the Baths of Aphrodite near Poli, Cyprus

Nov 1999 on board the 'Princess Victoria'.

Nov 1999 with her candle inside the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine

Nov 1999 in front of the Cheops pyramid and the Sphinx at Giza, Egypt

Dec 31 1999 having a midnight swim at P&N's Milleium Party at Parbrook, Somerset


Dec 1998 Christmas Day at P&N's house, Parbrook, Somerset