2000 to 2009

Rosie Photos (2000 to 2009)

Apr 2000 with our tour group in Namibia (Note Pete next to Rosie - 7ft)

Apr 2003 - Rosie dancing with Janice at our 60th Birthday Party - Janice's daughter Talita hopes they are both doing this in heaven



Jan 2000 at the start of our steam safari, South Africa

Feb 2000 at Cape L'Agulhas, South Africa.

Apr 2000 in the bluebells at Westwoods, Marlborough

May 2000 at Westonbirt, Gloucestershire

May 2000 at Sandown, IOW.

May 2000 with the caravan at Wallingford

Jun 2000 by Anne Hathaways Cottage, Stratford-on-Avon

Jul 2000 with school friends at Bishopshalt reunion, Hillingdon

Jul 2000 with Felix (7 Hours old), Emma in Exeter Hospital.

Jul 2000 with Felix at Otterton, Devon

Jul 2000 with Tom getting his degree at Sheffield

Jul 2000 with Hil & Doug & the old caravan at Wroughton, Wilts

Aug 2000 with Nicky, Laure & Tom at Paul & Nicky's, Parbrook, Somerset

Aug 2000 Rosie 40 years on at Skegness,Lincs

Aug 2000 with Felix in the garden at Hermitage

Sep 2000 on the canal bridge across the Loire at Briare, France

Sep 2000 a walk in the mountains near La Mure, France

Oct 2000 at La Speranza, Sardinia, Italy

Oct 2000 at the Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy.

Nov 2000 by Isola delle Correnti, Sicily, Italy

Nov 2000 in a 'Sulphur mud pool', Volcano Island north of Sicily, Italy

Nov 2000 With Felix at Hermitage

Dec 2000 with Val, Jon & Ed at Hermitage

Dec 2000 New Years Eve party at Hermitage

Harry, DavidR, Tony, Neil, Doug, Martin, Tom, Jill, Rosie, Adrian, Maureen, Rebecca, Lynda, Hayden, Louise, JoeD, Hilary, Alex, Sheila, MattB, Nathan, Lisa, EdwardM, JoeR, Robert, Sharon, Danielle

Jan 2001 watching the snake charmer, in the hotel, Hammamet, Tunisia

Jan 2001 with a Tunisian girl on the beach at Hammamet, Tunisia

Mar 2001 at Lands End, Cornwall

Mar 2001 on Porthmaer beach, St Ives, Cornwall

Mar 2001 in Rick Stein's cafe, Padstow, Cornwall.

Mar 2001 Bower 'oldies weekend' here at Flaghead Chine, Swanage, Dorset

Apr 2001 on Tom's 'skateboard' outside H&D's, Woodley

Apr 2001 at Britain's most easterly point at Lowestoft Ness, Suffolk

Apr 2001 by the beach hut used by the Royal Family at Holkham, Norfolk.

May 2001 Bower  'May Day' camp (foot & mouth) in the garden at, Hermitage

May 2001 Bower  'May Day' camp (foot & mouth) in the garden at, Hermitage

Jul 2001 in the Pedernales River at Pedernales State Park,Texas, USA.

Jul 2001 saying goodbye to some of our camping purchases at Goodrich,Texas, USA.

Sep 2001 by the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Sep 2001 having lunch at the Safari Lodge, Kasane, Botswana

Sep 2001 with schoolfriend Kath at Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sep 2001 at Uppington, South Africa

Oct 2001 with college friend Little Val at Knysna, South Africa

Oct 2001 ready for the wedding at Knysna, South Africa

Nov 2001 Grandma Rosie with Ruby (1 day) at Honiton, Devon

Nov 2001with Felix & Ruby at Otterton, Devon

Dec 2001 Christmas at Hermitage

Jan 2002 by Lake Michigan, Wisconsin

Feb 2002 'Standin on the Corner' in Winslow, Arizona, USA

Feb 2002 at the Gran Canyon, Arizona, USA

Feb 2002 outside Angel Delgadillo's shop in Seligman, Arizona

Feb 2002 with her birthday cake at Lathrop Wells, Nevada

Mar 2002 on Santa Monica Pier , California, USA

Mar 2002 Free Elevenses at Eureka, California

Apr 2002 Kanaskat-Palmer SP near Seattle, Washington State

Jun 2002 with Simon, Laure  on their balcony, Calgary, Alberta

Jun 2002 by the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska

Jun 2002 by the welcome to Alaska sign on the Alaska Highway, USA

Jul 2002 at Anchorage, Alaska

Jul 2002 ready for our float on the Kenai River, Alaska, USA

Jul 2002 outside Alaskaland, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Jul 2002 on the Dalton Highway near Dall Creek, Alaska

Aug 2002 under our sign at Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada

Aug 2002 our 36th Anniversary at Dixonville, Alberta, Canada

Aug 2002 at Liard Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

Aug 2002 at Herald Provincial Park, British Columbia.

Aug 2002 Tom, Nicky, Paul, Rosie, Adrian, Simon & Laure by the Bow Lake, Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada.

Sep 2002 by the Buddy Holly Statue, Lubbock, Texas

Sep 09 with  Felix & Ruby at Otterton, Devon

Nov 2001 having lunch with Renee by Lake Windermere, Lake District

Dec 2001 a walk on Bucklebury Common

Jan 2003 Some of the Adventure caravans' goup by the waterfall at

Misol-ha, Mexico

Feb 26 2003 on Rosies 60th Birthday at Santa Clara, Panama

Feb 2003 in a Hammock on an island in Lake Nicaragua

Mar 2003 on the Panama Canal, Panama

Apr 2003 with Ruby & Felix at Ladram Swimming Pool, Devon

May 2003 at the Eden Project, St Austell, Cornwall.

May 2003 at Perranporth, Cornwall

Jul 2003 with Ruby & Felix at Otterton

Jul 2003 at Tankerton, Kent

Aug 2003 with Em, Felix, Ruby & the 'Butters' at Hermitage

Aug 2003 with the 'Butters' at Towersey Folk Festival

Sep 2003 at Cap Couronne, Martigues, France

Sep 2003 at  Digue de la mer, Camargue, France

Sep 2003 in our wedding gear by the Morris, France

Sep 2003 The parents at Simon & Laure's wedding Nantes-en-Rattier, France

Oct 2003 on Lost mine trail, Big Bend NP, Texas, USA

Oct 2003 at Wild Rose Pass, Texas, USA (Rosie liked to be a wild Rose)

Oct 2003 at White Sands, New Mexico, USA

Nov 2003 at Tombstone, Arizona, USA

Nov 2003  by a sequoia giant, California, USA

Dec 2003 on Monterey beach, California, USA

Dec 2003 by the Queen Mary, California, USA

Dec 2003 at Old Town San Diego, California, USA

Dec 2003 with Ruby at Christmas

New years eve 2003 at Bridge of Allan, Scotland

Jan 2004 Bonfire at Bridge of Allan, Scotland

Feb 2004 Rosie having her first swim Balandra, Baja California, Mexico

Feb 25 2004 Rosie celebrating her Birthday (English time) at Playa Amor, Mexico

Feb 26 2004 Rosie's Birthday at Playa Amor, Mexico

Feb 26 2004 A birthday meal at Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico

Mar 2004 Rosie with flowers at

Tlalacula market, Mexico

Mar 2004 by Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico

Apr 2004 with an Ice cream Guanajuato, Mexico

Apr 2004 Rosie and Maclen  who took us down 6000ft to the Copper Canyon, Mexico

Apr 2004 at Bahia Kino, Mexico

May 2004 Bower's, Butter's & Felix's in the garden at Hermitage

May 2004 Ruby & Felix at Otterton

Jun 2004 with her college friends at Portsmouth

Jul 2004 at Shakespeare

Arch, Utah, USA

Jul 2004 at the John Denver memorial Snowmass, Aspen, Colorado - he was Rosie's idol

Jul 2004 in the snow Rocky Mt NP, Colorado USA at 11,500 ft - 3335m

Aug 2004 Our Anniversary at Banff, Alberta, Canada


Auug 2004 at Sundance Canyon, near Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Aug 2004 at our friends Pat &Trish, at Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Aug 2004 at 'The Door', Badlands NP, South Dakota, USA.

Oct 2004 at Strasbourg, France

Oct 2004 in Verona, Italy

Oct 2004 Juliet's House Verona,Italy

Oct 2004 Looking to Vernazza, Cinque Terre  ,


Nov 2004 At Ladram Bay, Devon

Nov 2004 Outside Tom's house, Hackney , London

Dec 2004 by the Catheral, Brugges, Belgium

Jan 2005 by Elvis' grave, Graceland , Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Feb 2005 ready for Steamboat trip at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Feb 2005 Eating oysters in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Feb 2005 on the beach near Apalachicola, Florida, USA

Feb 26 2005 Rosie on  her Birthday at Everglades City, Florida, USA

Mar 2005 Daytona Beach, Florida

 Mar 2005 at High Falls, Georgia, USA

Apr 2005 Times Square, New York

Apr 2005 Statue of Liberty from the ferry

Apr 2005 Mayday camp near Martock, Somerset

May 2005 with Val & Sara at Hampton Hill

May 2005 crossing the Ellerbeck on the stepping stones at Darnholme, North Yorkshire

May 2005 on the balcony of Storm cottage, Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire

May 2005 with Paul, Nicky & Emma at Hermitage

Jun 2005 on a trolley bus at Sandtoft museum, North Lincolnshire

Jun 2005 by the Humber Bridge in North Lincolnshire


Aug 2005 brothers & sisters at Jon & Lynsey's wedding, Somerset

Aug 2005 at Rocky Knob campsite, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA

Aug 2005  in hut in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA

Sep 2005 on Maid of the Mist Boat trip, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, USA

Sep 2005 on a cycle ride to Whitefish Lake, Algonquin, Ontario, Canada

Sep 2005 in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sep 2004 with Si & Laure at Lake Louise, Banff  - Si invited us for the weekend (4.5 hr flight))0

Sep 2005 on top of Round Mountain,  New York State, USA - a big climb

Sep 2005 on top of Mt Washington, New Hampshire , USA - very cold

Oct 2005 Had to go here - Newbury, Massachusetts, USA

Dec 2005 Rosie snowboarding at Nakiska, Calgary, Canada

Jan 2006 with Si & Laure and new grandson Manolo at Calgary, Canada

Jan 2006 on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu,


Jan 2006 at Kilauea Iki Crater, Volcano NP, Big Island, Hawaii


Jan 2006 at Kaiaka Rock, Molokai, Hawaii

Jan 2006 on the beach at Kauai, Hawaii, where South Pacifib was filmed - 'washing that man right out of my hair'!

Jan 2006 both grandparents in Calgary, Canada

Mar 2006 Rosie & seller on beach at Kovalam, Kerala, India

Mar 2006 at tea plantation, in the Western Ghat Mountains, India

Mar 2006 Early morning on the balcony at Capitol Village, Coorg mountains, India


Mar 2006 Elephants again this time in Mysore, India

Mar 2006 Some of our group in Namdroling Monastery, Bylakuppe, Mysore, India

Apr 2006 Camels again - this one to take us into the Tar desert, India

Apr 2006 - classic picture

Apr 2006 by Bauddhanath Sutpa, Khatmandhu, Nepal.

Mar 2006 in Coracle, Tungabhadra River, Hampi, India

Apr 2006 Rosie in her Wedding Dress 40 years on

Apr 2006 with Manolo at Hermitage

Apr 2006 with our children under their Ruby Wedding present

Apr 2006 cutting the cake at our Ruby Wedding at the Village Hall, Curridge

May 2006 family at Mill Park Farm, Berrynarbour, N. Devon


Jun 2006 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Jun 2006 by a lake somewhere in Labrador, Canada

Jul 2006 at The Arches, Newfoundland, Canada

Jul 2006  at  Happy Valley, Labrador, Canada

Jul 2006 at Serpentine River, Mt Moriah, Newfoundland, Canada

Jul 2006 North Atlantic Aviation Museum,

Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

Jul 2006 at Tickle Cove, Newfoundland - nobody else will know what a beautiful evening we had here by a campfire

Jul 2006 the start Trans Canada trail Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Jul 2006 Prince Henry Sinclair mon. Halfway Cove, Nova Scotia

He supposedly landed in 1398!

Jul 2006 on the Rogers Brook Board walk, Nova Scotia - bit wet

Jul 2006 at Burncoat on Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Aug 2006 at Ann of Green Gables house, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Aug 2006 Tandem cycling, Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick, Canada.

Aug 2006 on beach, Douglastown, Quebec Province, Canada

Aug 2006 Anniversary meal in Bam, Saint Yvon, Quebec, Canada

Aug 2006 Quebec City, Canada

Aug 2006 with Manolo, Calgary, Canada

Oct 2006 At Church Norton, Pagham, Sussex - Rosie camped there as a child

Oct 2006 with Ruby & Felix in the rain at Kingston Lacey, Dorset

Nov 2006 at Islares , Northern Spain

Nov 2006 in Retiro gardens Madrid

Nov 2006 in the Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

Nov 2006  cycling at Estartit, Spain

Nov 2006 at St Marti de Empuries near La Escala, Spain

Nov 2006 by the Etang de Canet, France

Dec 2006 Bowers at Wareham, Dorset

Dec 2006 Hermitage Bowers at Hermtage

Jan 2007 at the centre of earth, near Quito, Ecuador

Jan 2007 at Aloasi, Ecuador

Jan 2007 in the labrynth in the Amazon rainforest near Misahualli, Ecuador

Jan 2007 at Chimborazo Volcano, Ecuador

 Jan 2007 on top of the Devils Nose train, near Alousi, Ecuador

Jan 2007  at Post Office bay, Galapagos, Ecuador

Feb 2007 it's those birthdays again at Hermitage

Apr 2007 at Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Apr 2007 outside Chattanooga old station, Tennessee, USA

Apr 2007 old filling station at Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA

May 2007 at the Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, USA

May 2007 by Capitol building Nashville, Tennessee, USA

May 2007 outside Blues Rock Café, Memphis,Tennessee, USA

May 2007 on Katy Trail at Rocheport, Missouri, USA

Jun 2007 with Si, Laure & Manolo at Calgary, Canada

Jul  2007 with Felix, Ruby, Nicky, Paul & Em at Otterton, Devon 

Aug 2007 with Em, Ruby, Felix, Laure, Manolo & Si at Johnston Canyon, Banff, Canada

Aug 2007 Our Anni. breakfast at Tunnel Mt campsite, Banff, Canada

Aug 13 2007 with Felix & Ruby at Morraine Lake, Banff, Canada

Aug 2007 with Em by North Thompson River, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Aug 2007 with Manolo, Ruby & Felix at Si & Laures , Calgary, Canada

Sep 2007 Rosie as Sagacawea at 'Pompey's Pillar' Montana, USA

Sep 2007 11000ft up on the Beartooth Pass, Wyoming, USA.

Oct 2007 at the Latourell Fallls, Oregon, USA

Oct 2007 at Canoe landing Fort Clatsop, Oregon, USA

Oct 2007 by the 'Big Cedar' on the Olympic Peninsula, Oregon, USA

Oct 2007 in Seattle, Washington State, USA

Nov 2007 Cape's at Hampton Hill

Nov 2007 at Peacehaven, East Sussea

Dec 2007 Boxing Day swim at Sidmouth, Devon

Jan 2008 With Manolo in Calgary, Canada

Jan 2008 Rosie playing Maracas with an impromptu band

in Varadero , Cuba

Jan 2008 on bicitaxi, Camaguey, Cuba.

Feb 2008 on horse called Tiburon, Baracoa, Cuba

Feb 2008  our tour group - Adrian on the said horse, Baracoa, Cuba

Feb 2008 in  a cocotaxi, Havana, Cuba

Feb 2008 with John Lennon, Havana, Cuba

Feb 2008 cross country sking, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Feb 2008 in the Hot Pool, Fox Inn, Banff, Canada - birthday present from Si & Laure

Feb 26 2008 trying out her birthday present hula hoop at P&N 'Longview', Devon

Feb 26 2008 The birthday girls at P&N's 'Longview', Devon

Apr 2008 Cape Group on top of Sugarloaf, near Abergavenny, Wales

Apr 2008 with Ruby & Felix outside Buckingham Palace, London

May 2008 with our new granddaughter Louisa at P&N's  'Longview', Devon

May 2008 The Cape girls (+ Laurie) at Val's 70th Hampton Hill

May 2008 Grandma with Louisa & Millie at Hermitage


May 2008 The Hermitage Bowers at Hermitage

Jul 2008 with Manolo, Renee & Ruby at Otterton, Devon

Jul 2008 at Washington Pass, Washington State, USA

Jul 2008 after swim in Lake Roosevelt. Washington State, USA

Jul 2008 with Millie in Calgary, Canada

Jul 2007 with our friends Joe & Irene at Edmonton Mall, Canada

Aug 2008 Grand Rapids - where Saskatchewan river joins Lake Winnipeg, Canada

Aug 2008 at Rushing River, Ontario, Canada

Aug 13 2008 on our 42nd Annniversary at Ouimet, Dorion, Ontario, Canada.

Aug 2008 Sunset at Monocle Lake, Michigan, USA

Aug 2008 at Bond falls, Michigan, USA

Aug 2008 toasting marshmallows at Laurel Lake, Three Lakes, Wisconsin, USA

Sep 2008 at Fat Woman's squeeze, Cantwell Cliffs, Ohio, USA

Sep 2008  Holliwell Covered Bridge, Maddison County, Iowa, USA

Sep 2008 Dubuque cable car, Iowa, USA

Sep 2008 Sailing with our friends Jack & Rose on St Croix Lake, Minnesota ,USA

Sep 2008 paddling at St. Pauls, Minnesota, USA

Sep 2008  source of Mississippi River, Lake Itasca, Minnesota, USA

Oct 2008 with Rosie's Pettifer cousins at Vancouver, Canada

Oct 2008 on the Rocky Mountaineer on the way to Calgary, Canada

Oct 2008 with Manolo & Mille at Calgary, Canada

Dec 2008 With Renee, Louisa & Val at Hermitage

Dec 2008 with Millie & LouIsa at Hermitage

Dec 2008 The Hermitage Bowers at Hermitage

Feb 2009 by statue of Mary Cerro San Cristoba, Santiago, Chile

Feb 2009 at Pucon, Chile

Feb 2009 on boat by Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Feb 2009 on a horse again, Torres del Paine, Argentina

Feb 2009 Our 'yellow bus' tour group at Ushuaia, Argentina

Feb 2009 at Ushuaia, Argentina with our boat behind

Feb 2009 crossing the Beagle Channel to Antarctica

Feb 26 2009 a birthday with a difference on Board the Clipper Adventurer

Feb 26 2009 we land at Brown Bluff, Antarctica - our last continent

Feb 26 2009 Rosie about to jump

Feb 26 2009 Rosie entering the Antarctic Ocean at -2 deg C

Mar 2009 with King Penguins at Gold Harbour, South Georgia

Mar 2009 by one of her heroes Shackleton's grave, Grytviken , South Georgia

Mar 2009 on West Point island, Falkland Islands

Mar 2009 with our friends Mariella & Favio in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar 2009 in the Botanical Gardens, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar 2009 with Manolo, near Bragg Creek, Calgary, Canada

May 2009 with the Morris and bluebells at West Wood, Marlborough

May 2009 at Barry Island, Wales

Jun 2009 at Exmouth, Devon

Jun 2009  outside 23 Dorset St, Hartlepool - Dad Cape's birthplace

Jul 2009 with Tom & Louisa at  Chantmarle, Dorset

Jul 2009 with Manolo & Millie at the Calgary Stampede, Canada

Jul 2009 climbing Tow Hill, Queen Charlotte Islands , BC, Canada.

Jul 2009 in Japanese Garden, Butchart Gardens, Victoria Island, Canada

Jul 2009 by Cowichan River., Vancouver Island, Canada

Jul 2009 in Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Aug 2009 our 43rd Anniversary, Ohanapecosh campsite, Mt Rainer NP, Washington State, USA

Aug 2009 at beautiful Crater lake, Oregon, USA

Aug 2009 at Blue Basin, John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon, USA

Sep 2009 celebrating 1000 nights in the Bam at Kings Canyon, California, USA

Oct 2009 Park Street Church, Boston, USA

Oct 2009 at Louisa Alcotts home, Orchard House, Concord, Massachusets, USA 

Oct 2009 enjoying a beer at Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Nov 2009 with Louisa at Chantmarle, Dorset

Nov 2009 with Manolo & Millie, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Nov 2009 with Tom & Mar at Montserrat, Spain

Nov 2009 in Barcelona, Spain

Dec 2009 at Val & Mike's, Hampton Hill

Dec 2009 with Louisa & Millie at Hermitage

Mar 2002 having a hug at Hug Point, Oregon, USA

Jun 2002  by the Frazer River at Prince George, British Columbia

Jan 2006 at Cook Monument, Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii, USA.

Dec 2004 With some of her college friends