Here is a selection of early photos for the families of Joseph Edward Cape & Marjorie Doreen Smith

1883c Joseph William Cape

1900c Annie Ellen Rosina Morgan & Frederick Albert Smith.

1901 Fanny Constance, Lily, Joseph William, Ivy, Poppy, Tom, Freda

1904c Fanny Constance & Poppy aged 2

1908c Ted 2nd from top left

1908c Ted top left

1909c Tom & Ted, outside Milton Rd, Hanwell

1911-05 Marjorie (8 months)

1913c Ted. at School

1914c Napir Rd, East Ham Drill squad, Ted, 2nd from left, 3rd row back

1914c Poppy (Helena), Connie, Fanny Constance, Ted

1914c Ted & Poppy, outside 13 Langton Ave, East Ham

1918c Marjorie Cape (3rd L Back row)

1918say Joseph William & Fanny Constance

1919-07-26 Marjorie, Jack (John) & Renie at Ilfracombe

1919c Florence Louise Hibbs & Fredick Albert Smith (centre)

1922c Meryl, Joan and Ted on the river

1921 Ted with Fanny Constance

1923 Ted (2nd top left) in the RAF Worthy Down Cricket Team, Winchester

1923c Ted, Fanny at Eccleston Rd W.Ealing

1924 Fanny Constance 60 years old


1924 Sipping Arab tea after a hot walk, Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1924 Singha Royan, Ted Cape & Bekhud Mohamed - Registry staff, RAF Depot, Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1924-03-17 Ted and the Registry Staff at Iraq Aircraft Depot, Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1924 Ted at Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1924-04-21 British attempt to fly round the world, ready to leave Hinaidi, near Bagdhad, Iraq

1924-07-09 Wheeling one of the four machines to the hanger for the night, for the American attempt on the round the world flight at Hinaidi, near Bagdhad, Iraq

1924-07 Ted & 'Handful of Mischiefs', Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 Ted in the orange groves, Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1924-11 Ted (right) & Registing Staff, Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1925Ted (left) on the terrace at RAF Headquarters, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 Ted & dress reform & a cooling slice of melon, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 Ted (Left) with three Airmen & a few palms, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 Making bricks with mud & straw, Baghdad, Iraq (don't think it's Ted)

1925 Not sure but think it is Ted on the right at Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 Ted at Hinaidi, Baghdad, Egypt

1925 36 Ted (5th from left) in a group photo at Hinaida, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 38 Ted with his group at Hinaidi, Baghdad, Egypt

1925 Ted taken on the roof of the RAF hospital (Tigris behind), Hinari, Baghdad, Iraq

1925 Ted with his group at Hinaidi, Baghdad, Egypt

1925-01 Ted (2nd from right) with some of his pals from the 'new draft', Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq

1925-03-29 The Ishtah Gate, Babylon, Iraq

1925-12 Snake charmer, Karachi, India

1925-03-29 The hanging gardens of Babylon, Iraq

1925-03-29 Ted by the Lion of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq

1925-12 Ted by the Main entrance to Union jack Club, Karachi, India

1926 The Opera Square, Cairo

1926 The Museum, Cairo, Egypt

1926 Inside the Mohamed Ali Mosque, Cairo Egypt

1926 Beauty treatment for the Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt

1926 Ted at the top of the Cheops Pyramid after a hot climb, Cairo, Egypt - you'd probably be shot for that now!

1926 28 Ted with HQ poloteam, RAF Middle East, Cairo, Egypt

1926-04 Hiking in the desert, Egypt     - Read about it in Ted's autobiography

1926-04 Ted on right possibly at Aboukir, Egypt


1926-08-01 Ted (on right) at the Virgin's Tree at Matariah, Cairo, Egypt.

1926-08-18 The crashed Bristol F.2 Fighter in which Ted was travelling when the engine 'stopped' on his way Aboukir, Egypt  - just think if the pilot hadn't managed to crash-land it 'safely' none of the Cape dynasty would be here!

Scary thought isn't it?

1926-08 Ted (RH end) was going on a run at Aboukir - maybe this one - not sure

1926-11 Gibraltar on the way home and the end of the RAF (for now!)

1925-08 Meanwhile Renie & Marjorie (now 15) are growing up

1926c Frederick Albert Smith at Nestles, Hayes - front row 3rd from right

1926c Ivy, Jo Cane, Fanny Constance at Ecclestone Rd, Hanwell, London

1926c Tom,  Joseph William, Joe Cane, Fanny Constance, Ivy, Poppy (Helena) at Ecclestone Rd, Hanwell

1926c Poppy, Kitty, Ivy, Joseph William & Fanny Constance at Eccelstone Rd, Hanwell

1927-08 Sidmouth looking east, Devon

1927-08 Exeter Cathedral, Devon

1927-08 5Ted on a west country holiday with his friend Len, resting by the wayside near Andover, Hampshire

1927-08 7 Ted on a shady walk in the gardens at Bournemouth, Hampshire

1927c Renie, John (Jack) & Florence Louise at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1927c Renie, Marjorie, Who, John, who at where

1928-07 Florence Louise picking peas probably Fourth Ave, Hayes

1927c Ted where?

1928-07-29 Ted at Postbridge, Dartmoor, Devon

1928-08Ted with the others all turned out for porridge camping in Cornwall

1928-08 Ted with the Sunbathers 'up the pole', camping in Cornwall

1928-08 Ted and  'Died of eating green apples', camping in Cornwall (see Autobiography)

1928-08 Saltash Bridge, Cornwall

1928-08 Ted with the others on the way home from Cornwall

1928c Joyce, Poppy, Ted & Lily at  Mount Rd, Hayes

1928c Lily, Joyce, Ted & Len at Mount Rd, hayes, Middlesex

1928c Marjorie

1928c Marjorie & Renie at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1928c Marjorie and her sister Renie

1928c Marjorie - unknown places

1928c Ted, with whom and where

1928c Marjorie

1929 Marjorie & Jack (John) in their uniforms

1929-08c Marjorie (2nd from left) 'lining up for seconds' at guide camp in Guernsey

1929-08c Marjorie 2nd from left in Guernsey prob

1929-08c Marjorie in Guernsey prob

1929-08c Renie & Marjorie's (centre) Guides & Tea at Petit Port, Guernsey

1929-09-01 Bill Killer & Marjorie at Southsea

1929-09-01 Caption says 'Mr Cape and I trying to look serious' - Ted & Marjorie at Southsea

1929-09-01 Marjorie & Ted on St Anselm's outing to Southsea

1929c Ted with the'four' at Bognor Regis, Sussex

1929c Marjorie in Guide uniform at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1929c Marjorie, front Renie 2nd left, Edie next

1929c Renie 3rd from left, top row, Marjorie bottom right

1929c Renie, Florence Louise, Marjorie & John at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1929c Marjorie at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1930-08 Ted (second left), Brede Sussex

1929c Ted (left) Rover Camp, Laleham

1929c Ted, Laleham

1929c Ted prob at Mount Rd, Hayes

1930-06-29 Marjorie at Fourth Ave, Hayes


1930-07-29c Renie, Marjorie on the lake, Aix les Bains

1930-07-30c Marjorie & Renie, Mer de Glace, Annecy

1930c Marjorie, who, Renie at Fourth Ave, Hayes, Middlesex

1931-06 3 Flowers on Florence Louise Hibbs grave in St Mary's churchyard Hayes

1931-08-01 Renie & Edie the bridesmaids at St Anslem's Church, Hayes

1931-08-01 Ted & Marjorie after their Wedding at St Anslem's Church, Hayes

1931-08-01 Marjorie & Jack (John) arriving at St Anslem's Church, Hayes

1931-08-01 Edie, Joe Cane, Ted, Marjorie, John, Renie after the wedding at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1931-08-01 7 Ted & Marjorie after their Wedding at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1931-08-01 5 Ted & Marjorie's wedding cake at Fourth Ave, Hayes

Ted & Majorie's Honeymoon - Combe Martin Devon  1st - 8th August 1931

1931-08 Marjorie & Ted on a pleasant walk at Heddons Cleeve, North Devon

1931-08 Exploring & 'Cool & refreshing - a natural rock-garden' - Marjorie at Combe Martin, North Devon


There are more photos of this period - This is a selection

1929c Fred, Ted, Bill & Len probably at Bognor Regis, Sussex.

1929c Florence Louise  Renie at Fourth Ave, Hayes

1930-06-29c Ted at Fourth Rd, Hayes

1930-06-29 Renie prob, Marjorie prob, John, Florence Louise, who, Eric Norman at Fourth Ave,  Hayes, Middlesex (John's birthday)

1930-06-29 2 Ted, Renie, John, who, Eric Norman at Fourth Ave, Hayes on John's birthday

1930-07-29c Marjorie on 'Market Day', Annecy, France

1930-07-29c Caught in a merry mood by the lake', Marjorie bottom left,  Annecy, France

1930-07-29c Marjorie 'sitting on a boulder on top of the hill', Annecy, France

1930-07-29c Group photo does not say where, Marjorie Smith (4th from left) & the Rangers, Annecy

1930-08 Ted by the cookhouse at the Scout camp at Brede, Sussex

1930-08 Ted - the 'Cookie with the discerning eye' at the Scout camp at Brede, Sussex

1930c Ted & Marjorie

1931-08 St Peter ad Vinicula church, Combe Martin, North Devon

1931-08 Watermouth Harbour, North Devon

1931-08 Heddons Mouth, North Devon

1931-08 Trentishoe Church (with the Minstrels Gallery), North Devon

1931-08 Old Thatched Farm Cottage at  Trentishoe, North Devon

1931-08 Looking up the High St (Upalong), Clovelly, North Devon

1931-08 Looking to Westward House, Combe Martin, North Devon

1931-08 Marjorie at Watermouth Bay near Combe Martin, North Devon

1931-08 The limpets - Ted & Marjorie probably at Combe Martin, North Devon