Rosie Photos (2010 to 2014)

2010 to 2014

David, Pippa, Paul, Matt, Gareth, Chris, Liz, BarryJ, Joe, Don, Simon, JonM, Tom, Douglas, Lois, Jon, Ed, Val, Mike, Irene, Lena, Jemma, Mar, Laure, Ruth, Dorothy, Rosie, Sara, Emma, Manolo, Millie, Felix, Laurie, Ruby, Beth, Joanna, Nicky, Adrian, Louisa, Ambrose, William, Eden & Katie


Feb 20010 Millie, Manolo down the lane at Ornex, France

Feb 2010 an early valentines/ birthday cake this year at Chantmarle

Feb 2010 on a hike in Chiricahua Nat. Mon..Arizona - It was on this walk that Rosie suddenly became breathless ...

Feb 26 2010 Birthday campfire Bonita Canyon, Chiricahua N.M, Arizona,

Feb 2010 choosing wrist bands, for the Grandchildren at Algodones, Mexico

Mar 2010 at Palm Canyon, Borrego Springs, California, USA

Mar 2010 in Marble Canyon, Death Valley, California, USA

Mar 2010 by Sacramento River, near Corning, California, USA

Mar 2010 on Mattole Beach, Petrolia, California, USA

Mar 2010 on Westport Beach, Westport., California, USA

Mar 2010 we say farewell forever to the Bam, Clear Lake, California, USA

Mar 2010 On a tram in San Francisco, California, USA

Mar 2010 with Margaret Massialas and family in San Francisco, California, USA

Apr 2010 the Bower/Hall  families meet at Lyn Canyon, N Vancouver

Apr 2010 You can swim anywhere - with Hil on top of the hotel, Vancouver, Canada

Apr 2010 with Richard & Teanny and The Tea Ceremony in Teanny's parents house, Vancouver, Canada

Apr 2010 The Bower/Hall families at Richard & Teanny's wedding, Vancouver

Apr 2010 with Richard & Teanny at their Chinese reception, Vancouver

Apr 2010 in Macy's, Chicago, USA

Apr 2010 at Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago, USA

Apr2010 by Thames near Shiplake, Reading

Apr 2010 Louisa with Hungry Caterpillar Chantmarle, Dorset

May 2010 with Val & Do at Hampton Hill

May 2010 with Manolo & Millie,  Nyon, Switzerland

May 2010 at Roker, Sunderland

May 2010 Cold picnic by the reservoir near Bridge of Allan, Scotland

Jun 2010 on Sidmouth Beach, Devon

Jun 2010 with another Grandchild , Joanna at Chantmarle, Dorset

Jul 2010 Proud Grandparents (both) at Chantmarle, Dorset

Jul 2010 with Louisa & Joanna at Chantmarle, Dorset

Aug 2010 with the Morris at  tea break on Walbury Hill, W. Berks

Aug 2010 at HCC rally Oldbury Naite, Glous.

Oct 2010 by Mum & Dad Cape's grave, Puriton, Somerset

Oct 2010 with Felix & Ruby on walk to Newbury.

Nov 2010 at Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey

Nov 2010 with Joanna  5 months at Chantmarle, Dorset

Dec 2010 Our family Christmas Eve tea at Hermitage

Dec 2010 Rosie loved feeding the birds - any time any attire

Jan 2011With our Grandchildren at Hermitage

Jan 2011 Our family at Hermitage

Feb 2011 4 days after her Brain operation in the JR at Oxford and the day we heard the bad news

Feb 2010 in bed, reading to Louisa at Hermitage

Feb 26 2010 Can't miss the birthday though at Hermitage

Mar 2011 in our brand new motorhome the 'Ixi' which we managed to spend 1000+ nights in.

Apr 2010 Mothers Day group at Hermitage

Apr 2011 Mille & Manolo at Hermitage

Apr 2011in the bluebell woods at Chantmarle, Dorset

May 2011 picnic with Si & Manolo on the Berkshire downs.

May 2011 Cup of tea in the Morris with Mar & Tom in Newbury

May 2011 by the Runcorn Bridge, Cheshire

Jun 2011 with Adrian's cousin Shirley over from Australia at Hermitage

Jun 2011 With Louisa & Millie at Hermitage

Jun 2011 in the pool at Chantmarle, Dorset

Jul 2011 Brothers & sisters at Abergavenny

Jul 2011 Cape Group at Abergavenny

Jul 2011 our family at Abergavenny

Jul 2011 at Pembroke Castle, Wales

Aug 2011 Manolo, Laure & Millie by Vesancy chapel , Gex, France

Jul 2011 on the gondola, la Faucille, France.

Aug 2011 at Cessy, France with the Felix-Bowers

Aug 2011 Canal de Bougogne, Pont d'Ouche, near Beaune, France

Aug 2011 Source of River Seine, near Dijon, France

Aug 2011 Janet, Art, Margaret at Hermitage

Sep 2011 Outside John Lennon's house, Liverpool

Oct 2011 outside Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's home, Sawrey, Cumbria

Oct 2011 at Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Oct 2011 Rosie outside her Great grandma's house in Newburn, Northumbria


Oct 2011 Somewhere in Scotland!

Oct 2011 at Hampstead Norreys, West Berks

Oct 2011 at Uffington Castle, White Horse Hill, Oxon

Oct 2011 Fords, Bowers & Felix-Bowers on Dragons Hill, Uffington,Oxfordshire

Nov 2010 with Tom & Mar at the Pot Kiln, Frilsham, West Berks

Nov 2011 Maureen, Harry, Rosie, Mar, Tom, &  Hilary, Bonfire Night, Hermitage

Nov 2011 with her college friends at Brighton

Nov 2011 the Bowers/Halls at Ferndown, Hampshire

Dec 2011 Rosie cutting Christmas cake

Dec 2011 Felix, Paul, Simon, Rosie, Manolo at Hilfield Hill, Dorset

Dec 2011 our family at Hermitage

Jan 2012 at Vista Mar Resaurant, Los Obrigos, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Jan 2012 at Icod, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Jan 2012 near Ifonche, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Feb 2012 Birthday girls at Hermitage

Feb 2012 Grandchildren at Hermitage

Mar 2012 Emma, Ruby, Felix, Barry at Exmouth

Mar 2012 on Dartmoor, Devon

Mar 2012 family at Nine Springs Park, Yeovil.

Apr 2012 reading Louisa's bedtime story in the Ixi.

May 2012 Bower & Cape Families group,  Westhay, Somerset

May 2012 Fords, Bower & Felix-Bowers at 'the Geoneedle', Exmouth

May 2012  at Robin Hoods bay, North Yorkshire

Jun 2012  with Sir walter Raleigh, East Budleigh, Devon

Jun 2012 with college friends at Havant, Hampshire

Jun 2012 with HCC at Hooray Henley, Shiplake

Jul 2012 relaxing at Grossenwieden, Germany

Jul 2012 in the Dluga - main street, Gdansk, Poland

Jul 2012 in Torun, Poland

Jul 2012 having a cheers to a successful blood test at a top spot, Estonia

Jul 2012 at the stunning Trakai castle, Lithuania

Jul 2012 anytime is right for a swim, this one in Trakai, Lithuania

Jul 2012 in the Old Town Market Place, Warsaw, Poland


Aug 2012 Dorothy, Joe, BarryJ, Rosie & Irene at S&L's Cessy, at France

Aug 2012 Louisa, Paul, Rosie, Pippa. Beth, Ruby & Millie at the Table D'orientation Mont Mourex, France.

Aug 2012 The Bower- Cape Clan at Simon & Laure's Cessy, France

Aug13 2012 on our anniversary at S&L's, Cessy, France

Sep 2012 on another of Rosie's heroes - Scott's ship the RRS Discovery, Dundee

Sep 2012 by Carron fish bar with a fried Mars bar, Stonehaven, Scotland

Rosie outside Dyce Airport, Aberdeen where her Dad flew home from to be with her 24 hours after her birth

Sep 2012 at  John O' Groats, Scotland

Sep 2012 breakfast, Wind Wick, Orkney

Oct 2012 by the Crinan Canal, Scotland

Oct 2012 at the end of our Road Around Britain, Dunbarton, Scotland

Oct 2012 The Hermitage Bowers at Hermitage

Oct 2012 Louisa at Stourhead, Wiltshire

Dec 2012 Mar, Rosie, Tom, Sitges, Spain. Sitges

Dec 2012  paddling, Sitges, Spain.

Dec 2012 with Joanna the Angel

Dec 2012 at Hermitage

Dec 2012 Christmas Day at Otterton, Devon

Jan 2013 with Rosie's Smith cousins

Jan 2013 Finca los Marteles, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Jan 2013 in the Botanic Gardens, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Jan 2013 at Costa Ayala, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Feb 2013 It's birthday time again

Feb 2013 with our grandchildren at Chantmarle

Feb 2013 with our children at Chantmarle

Apr 2013 with the Chantmarle Bowers at  Abbotsbury

May 2013 Val, Sara & Chris at Rosie's 60th Party

May 2013 at Rosie's 60th Party

Jun 2013 in the snow on the road over Fjardarheidi from Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Jun 2013 at Flokalundur campsite, Iceland

Jun 2013 in 'Gudrun's hot pool, Laugar, Iceland

Jun 2013 in the rift at Pingvellir NP, Iceland; Eurasian Plate left and North American Plate right

Jun 2013 at Skogafoss, Iceland

Jun 2013  by an iceberg on the beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Jun 2013 on the boat, Vestmanna Cliffs, Faroes

Jul 2013 with shool friend Val & Eric at  Silkeborg, Denmark

Jul 2013 by a Vauxhall similar to one in her childhood at Marcle, Herefordshire

Jul 2013 by our Eccles caravan at Marcle, Herefordshire

Aug 2013 with Mar & Tom on their balcony in Sitges, Spain

Aug 2013 with our latest granddaughter Rita at Sitges, Spain

Aug 2013 ready for Pippa & David's wedding, Hampton Hill

Aug 2013 Our family at Pippa & David's wedding, Hampton Hill

Aug 2013 with Joanna & Louisa at Tyntesfield Somerset.

Aug 2013 with friends Peter & Diane on their canal boat near Blisworth

Sep 2013 by the Morris at  Brightwalton.

Sep 2013 with Harry & Maureen on 'Rosie's' seat at Dinton Pastures

Oct 2013 with Laure, Rosie, Simon, Manolo & Millie having lunch, Geneva, Switzerland

Oct 2013 with Manolo, Simon, Millie, Laure at Cessy, France

Oct 2103 by River Rhone at Avignon, France

Oct 2013 wiith Tom, Mar & Rita outside the house, Queixans. Spain

Oct 2013 Plaza Mayor, Valladolid, Spain.

Nov 2013 rainbow above the Douro, Portugal

Nov 2013 getting wet on the beach at Torreira, Portugal

Nov 2013 lighting a candle, Fatima, Portugal.

Nov 2013 on the Roman Aqueduct, Tarragona, Spain

Nov 2013 n the local bar with Tom having Gin & cocktail, Sitges, Spain

Nov 2013 with Tom & Rita on the promenade, Sitges, Spain

Nov 2013 in the snow at Aire de Aubrac on the A75 motorway, France

Dec 2013 with Simon & Laure at Cessy, France

Dec 2013, Tom, Rita & Mar in the playground, Bridge of Allan, Scotland

Decc 2013 Laurie, Ruby, Joanna, William, Ambrose, Millie at Bridge of Allan.

Jan 2014 with Janice at Avon Beach, Christchurch

Feb 2014 on the balcony, Casa Tamasite, Tuineje, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Feb 2014 with Guize & Ayose at Morito del Rincon, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Feb 2014 it's a palapa again this one at Tarajalejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Feb 2014 in a cave at Ajuy, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Feb 2014 Snowdrops at Welford Park. W. Berks

Mar 2014 Ruby, Louisa & Joanna at Otterton, Devon

Mar 2014 Rosie being reminded of her childhood by an Anderson Shelter, Trengwainton, Cornwall.

Mar 2014 with Manolo, Laure, Simon,  at Cessy, France

Mar 2014 snowshoeing, Lake Montriond, France

Mar  2014 with Mar & Rita in the craft tent at Sitges, Spain

Mar 2014  Rita in T&M's flat, Sitges, Spain

Apr 2014 Jon & Lois join our family at Otterton, Devon

Apr 2014 with Louisa & Joanna at the Thatcham Discovery Centre.

May 2014 Rosie on 'Rosie', Fawley Hill, Henley.

May 2014 Toasting marshmallows at Cape camp, East Hope, Shropshire

Jun 2014 Barbecue for ex SEB folks, Hermitage

Jun 2014 at Acton Scott Working farm, Shropshire

Jul 2014 with College friends at the Thatched House, Portsmouth

Jul 2014 at the 'furthest north' in British Isles on the beach at Skaw, Unst, Shetland, Scotland

Jul 2014  at John o'Groats, Scotland

Jul 2014 Nice campfire on the Scottish Borders

Jul 2014 at Brunton Turret on Hadrian's Wall, Wall, Northumberland

Jul 2014 at the National wildlife centre at Westhay Moor, Somerset.

Jul 2014 at Lands End, Cornwall

Aug 13 2014 Wedding Anniversary at Hermitage

Aug 2014 Tom, Rita & Felix at the Discovery Centre, Thatcham

Aug 2014 Our family, Hermitage

Sep 2014 with Vera & Manfred in their garden, Halle, Germany

Sep 2014 in front of a Russian Rocket at Nyirtelek, Hungary

Sep 2014 having breakfast at Babou Maramures campsite, Breb, Romania

Sep 2014 in the village of Slatina, Ukraine.

Sep 2014 drinking bubbly in the station yard, Viseu de Sus, Romania

Sep 2014 on the Vasser Valley Forest Railway, Romania

Sep 2014 'Smelling the Roses' in the old Monastery at Humor, Romania

Sep 2014 in Bran Castle, Romania

Sep 2014 in Cismigiu Gardens, Bucharest, Romania

Oct 2014 on our trip on the Danube Delta, Romania

Oct 2014 on the beach at Sinemorec, Bulgaria

Oct 2014 at the entrance to the Tsarevets Fortress, VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria

Oct 2014 in the 'main street', Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Oct 2014 by the fountain outside the Archeological Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria

Nov 2014 Albert & Christiane at La Mure, France.

Nov 2014 Millie, Adrian, Rosie & Manolo in the garden, Cessy, France

Oct 2014 by Queen Marie's Palace, Balchik, Bulgaria

Nov 2014 on the beach, Calais, France

Dec 2014 off on a walk from Welsh Bicknor YHA, near Goodrich, Herefordshire.

Dec 2014 with Leon at Welsh Bicknor YHA, near Goodrich, Herefordshire