These are Rosie's diaries for our two trips around the coast of Ireland. They were some of our earliest trips in our motorhome 'the Tiv' and before we became hardened 'wild campers'. However Southern Ireland (Eire) was so easy to Wild camp at the time. Northern Ireland at the time still had 'the troubles' and the Good Friday agreement of 1998 was not yet there. These diaries are 24 years ago and Ireland changed a lot between when we were there and the financial meltdown of 2008, and then again since 2008.  It was at a time when there was no internet or email for general use and communication was by an analogue phone which did not work in Southern Ireland, so a bit of history. We had hoped to return there in 2020, but events have changed this year so much that it is most unlikely.  We hope you enjoy these diaries as an era, even if they probably don't represent Ireland now. We have also added 1991 which is not really our Road Around Britain, but is interesting to see how much it had changed in 5 years and how much it must have changed till now