We are all very sad to hear that Rosie has lost her courageous fight against her brainstem tumour we have many heartfelt memories of Rosie and we should always treasure the love she leaves behind now she has gone.

The stunning autumn colours at the moment and subsequent seasonal changes will always be a poignant reminder of how much you and Rosie have enjoyed creating a lovely garden..

So sorry to hear about Rosie’s passing. I have fond memories from when we first met in Cuba to the time you came as far East as Saute Ste Marie (Canada). I also enjoyed being able to keep up with your various travels over the years.

I am so very sorry to hear of the death of Rosie, she was such a lovely lady, such a loss to you and your large family. You and Rosie certainly packed a lot in your life and must have lots of memories. I really enjoyed your visits here, so I also have happy memories.

We are so very sorry to hear the sad news about dear Rosie. Many memories come flooding back of the happy times we spent together when we lived in Hermitage.

I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Rosie and wanted to send you all our deepest sympathy and love.

I didn't know any of you too well but you have always made one feel welcome and part of the family when I have seen you.

We are very sad to hear the news of Rosie’s passing. We feel for you as we know how much you enjoyed your very active life together.

She was part of our lives to for so many years and we will so much miss her warm, friendly, welcoming personality which I first encountered at school. Until quite recently she always seems so energetic, even though she was battling her tumour all those years.

Very privileged to know Rosie to share in some of your travels and happy occasions.

We were so sad to hear that Rosie is no longer with us. We loved her so much and were struck by how great interested in our lives and other people's cultures, places, those living and our relations will have gone before. She once told me I reminded her of "Bobby" from the Railway children and I was very touched by that and felt a warm glow inside. You and Rosie have always inspired us with your amazing travels in journals/website, sharing so much together as you connected with people and learnt on your explorations alongside one another around the world. You have been there for Rosie when she needed you most and looked after with such kindness and loving care; even when you yourself were in pain. I'm glad Rosie’s passing was not drawn out and that for, Simon, Tom and Emma have all been able to come together with you to share your grief, tears and very special photos and memories.

We will always remember Rosie as a kind and caring person. Rosie will be missed by all.

Our lovely neighbour, Rosie, will be so greatly missed by all who knew her.

The lady who lived life to the full and you showed such courage and determination over the last few years.

Sharing her love of travel and the beautiful photos and notes which we so enjoyed joining the social gatherings at Elm Gable to celebrate almost any occasion are just two of the many memories we have of her. Treasure all your happy memories together.

Thinking of you at this sad time and remembering many happy times at HCC rallies. Rosie's smile and enjoyment was wonderful for us all to see. She will be truly missed.

We can't imagine what it feels like to lose a life partner. You and Rosie was so devoted to each other. You both shared the same dreams and fulfilled them, what a legacy she has given you. So many memories, so faithfully recorded.

When life's adversity hit, you were a rock that allowed her to still live, to enjoy her family, and to travel.

We treasure so many things, our little spontaneous Cape party in February in Somerset, our holiday in France when you joined us in our friends beautiful Gite, your trips to Scotland and Rosie's detailed chronicling of all our lovely coast, camping in your garden and oh so many Cape parties.

We are so saddened to hear of Rosie's passing. She was a truly wonderful person.

I was so sad and by the loss of such a lovely person.

We were so sorry and sad to hear about Rosie. Over the years we have loved hearing the stories of your travels and adventures around the world and strong family bonds, gatherings and arrivals of grandchildren.

A truly amazing woman who confounded doctors and live life to the full.

We used to really enjoy tales of you and Rosie's travels in your motorhome.

I was so sorry to hear of Rosie's passing on Saturday. Please accept my sincere condolences.

I so much enjoyed planning our 2000 club December meetings with Rosie over the last few years. She always had interesting ideas to make the afternoon a success and many of our members said how much they enjoyed our Christmas entertainments in the Adelaide room.

The ladies lunch group will also be much depleted by the loss of Rosie with her cheerful smile and enthusiasm.

We are so very sad and sorry that Rosie has passed away. We know the words here are how you, Rosie and your family, are (life is to be enjoyed, to laugh, to sing, to love); together with making the most of all opportunities to share, making amazing memories.

I have nothing but the warmest memories of Rosie and the garden parties of Hermitage. My thoughts are with you.

So sorry to hear of your loss. Rosie was an amazing woman and always great fun.

You will receive so many letters, cards and emails over the next few weeks, but none will be able to lift your heart over the loss of your beloved Rosie.

I do so hope you can take a little comfort from the fact that with your help and with her great determination the last years have been so memorable. Not a flower or bird passed Rosie by without her noticing it and recording it. What a great legacy for her grandchildren who (a lot of them) are too young to appreciate all you have both achieved.

Years ago before all the technology was about I remember saying to Rosie how I wish I was as good as her at keeping photos dated, labelled, and in albums – mine are all bunged together in old suitcases! My excuse – she was a teacher.

I don't need to say how much my heart goes out to you and of course Emma and the boys – this blooming virus of course not helping – as we all need a big hug up.

Well all for now and you can be sure I am thinking of you and your family and you are constantly in my prayers and thoughts.

I do want to say how sorry I was to receive your email this morning.

Since March when we managed to catch up once again I have thought of you both often, wondering how Rosie was battling on. I do hope the family have been able to spend time with her during these last few months.

One comfort to you must be that you lived life to the full together and you will have so many wonderful memories of places visited and people met. Your family will be your strength now just as might have been to me.

We watched the webcast of Rosie's funeral yesterday and thought it was a lovely tribute to her and the amazing life she had. It was inspiring to hear about her attitude to life and how she lived to the full.

We are thinking about you at this time and know that you will miss her terribly – that is how it should be. We hope you can take comfort from all the happy memories.

If everyone loved their families, took advantage of opportunities and valued nature's gift as much as Rosie did then the world would be a much better place.

We are so very sorry to hear of your loss.

Rosie was such a soulmate to you and a wonderful mother to your family.

We hope that you can draw comfort from the many happy memories of your life together.

So sorry that we can't be with you on Friday but we are with you in spirit.

Rosie was such a bundle of joy, enthusiasm and happiness and we will celebrate her life. I think of our own fabulous hitchhiking journey all those years ago to Cornwall.

We have really enjoyed reading Rosie's blogs of your wonderful trips overseas.

I became friends with Rosie way back in 1961 Portsmouth Teacher Training college. As a group of friends we have all stayed in touch since. I last saw Rosie after she had so bravely got over her operation. A lovely fun lady. So sorry to hear of her passing.

I have just heard the very sad news of Rosie's passing and my heart goes out to you all. I hope and pray that all the happy memories you shared will comfort you can carry you through these dark days. Remembering Rosie very warmly and knowing that she was such an inspiring wife and mother. Keep strong and live life to the fullest. Heartfelt condolences.

We are so sorry to hear of your sad loss. Rosie was a very kind and generous person. We send you our love and prayers.

My thoughts will be with you today – I know Rosie will always be in your thoughts and heart whatever adventures you have, and in your quiet moments too. At first it is a relief when someone dies because you know they will no longer suffer pain, but then you realise the times you have spent together never leave you and will be with you always.

My memory of Rosie will be the wonderful love of life and how proud she was of her own family.

Rosie was a lovely vibrant lady interested in everybody and everything. She was loved by so many people and will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

My deepest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your beloved it Rosie.

I only met Rosie a handful of times and not for nearly 2 years now, but I remember her as a charming and delightful lady with a great sense of fun in spite of her health problems.

Happy memories of time spent with Rosie, her sense of adventure in spite of her illness – an inspiration.

So sorry to hear about Rosie. She was a very loving, caring person that we will all miss a lot.

It was a pleasure working with Rosie at Priors Court School. She was a calm, caring and helpful person who helped me to settle in. If I had trouble spelling a word or writing a report, Rosie would be the one to ask. She enjoyed taking the children for a walk in the Bluebell woods. After I left we kept in touch, including through the diaries and lovely photos from Rosie and Adrian's travels around the world. We were also included in the great family parties. The barn dance was one evening where we started off not knowing many people but Rosie made us feel welcome and introduced us to everyone.

Dear Rosie brought us all together in a happy little band with her and your unforgettable gatherings. Her organisation seemed effortless but brought so much happiness into so many lives. It was a privilege to be part of her life and such a joy for us to have her in ours. We are grateful for the enrichment of our precious memories.

We are glad you have such a loving and close family to offer each other comfort. But we are here to if you need company. We will be there in spirit and Rosie's last farewell. May she rest in the peace she deserves.

We were so sorry to read of Rosie's passing and send you our heartfelt condolences.

We only met occasionally when you called with something from the horticultural Society, but those meetings were always a great pleasure with a catch up on news of both of our latest travels.

We were always struck by how cheerful and positive Rosie was, despite her health problems.

Our thoughts are with you on your loss and we send you our love.

Such happy memories and we hope that you'll together with family and friends will help you through the days ahead.

It is with great sadness we hear of Rosie's passing, after such a long and incredibly brave battle. We know Rosie has been struggling with a brain tumour for many years. Her indomitable spirit was a wonderful example to us all on how to keep going. It seemed such a short time ago we were still enjoying updates of her travel notes. What a wonderful time you had together. Now it is good to know Rosie is a peace at last even though she never let on about her mental and physical pain.

Remember the happy times when you and Rosie explored the world together. With love and sadness.

So sorry and saddened to hear that Rosie had lost her fight against this dreadful cancer. I will be pleased to be able to with you all on Friday though not in person.

We were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Rosie. We will always remember the times we spent together.

We were so sorry to read your sad news of Rosie's passing. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Rosie was a very special and caring friend who we will never forget.

Remembering always the wonderful time spent with Rosie in our "younger days" and later and in recent years, celebrating with you both and sharing your amazing trips and adventures through the diaries and photos.

We were so sorry to hear of dear Rosie's sudden death. She has been an inspiration to us all in the way that she bravely and cheerfully lived with her illness. We have so many happy memories of times shared together. The sun always seem to shine. We shall all miss her but will always remember her.

Thinking about you all at this time of sorrow. We have many fond memories of Rosie, she was a very special lady and will be sadly missed.

We were very sad to hear of Rosie's death and would like to offer our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers to you and your family. We will never forget your kindness when we first ventured to historic caravan rallies. You took the trouble to include us in conversations when we could easily have decided that the "established order" could not be reached by newcomers.

We have enjoyed so many gathering since and have much in common with grandchildren, folk music and dance as well as the older fans. Sadly we are getting to the time of our lives when old friends are slipping off to the next adventure. We hope the service goes well and will try to join the stream. I will drag the guitar out to sing her a view old favourites in the evening.

I know from our conversation how unwell she had become this year so I guess it was time to approach those pearly gates.

You have both done so well for years to fight the tumour. Your pace of life and love of living never stalled. Just reading your emails exhausted us. Lots and lots of wonderful memories to be grateful for.

Thinking of you and your family at this very sad time.

I have very fond memories of time spent with Rosie, always so kind and welcoming and a truly lovely person.

So sorry to hear about the loss of Rosie, you're brave wife and mother. I will miss her so much.

I was deeply saddened to hear that Rosie had passed away and wish to offer my heartfelt condolences to you all.

To put it simply Rosie was a wonderful woman. I have known Rosie over 20 years and I know she had many friendships that have been much longer than that but to me my years were very special. She was able to help me pursue additional teaching qualifications by looking after my three young children.

This association was the start of a long and rewarding friendship. I was honoured to be included in special celebrations for Rosie and Adrian and to meet her loving family members, both immediate and wider. I was always made to feel so welcome in this group. Rosie had such a kindly interest in all whom she met. She was caring and genuine, thoughtful and fun. Her love for her family showed no bounds and this extended to people that were lucky enough to consider her friends, one of these being me.

I will always remember the enjoyment I gained from sharing your holiday diaries and photos and this became a regular feature of both our lives, once you had returned from the trips and the information had been compiled. These were very special times that I was able to share with Rosie. I like to hear how all your family were doing, children and grandchildren and she listened intently to my updates on my family life.

The world has lost a truly special dear woman who fought her battle with cancer so courageously, not letting it stand in the way of her adventurous spirit and her love for those around her and whose memory will forever be in our hearts.

We are sorry that we will not be seeing Rosie again. Although I remember her from our school days it is only within the last 20 years that we have got to know Rosie and yourself pretty well, enjoying your company during her various get-togethers. It has been plain to see that Rosie has been the light of your life and she was, no doubt loved by all your family. With your considerable help she battled her illness bravely from the start and her determination to remain active to journey to all parts of the world has been truly inspirational. Her travel diaries will be missed especially by my wife who always got the atlas out to follow your exploits every time Rosie sent details to us.

Words cannot say how sad we were to hear of the loss of your dear Rosie.

She was always so thoughtful, kind and cheerful and an inspiration to us all.

It is really good that you both managed to complete so many overseas trips together in various parts of the world. We are sure that these memories will be of great comfort to you.

As well as the numerous Summer Parties and Christmas Lunches we all enjoyed together, some of the other wonderful memories that come to mind are your Golden Wedding, the Dusseldorf trip and the Windsor Bier Keller fancy dress evenings.

We are really sorry. No more suffering, no more struggling for her. She was such a lovely person, and a pleasure to have known.

It was a joy to read her beautifully crafted accounts of your journeys together, and the accompanying pictures.

You have travelled a long road together always knowing it was bonus time.

Ten years ago if somebody said you would have ten years you wouldn’t have believed them.

You will have difficulty as there is a massive hole in your being that nothing can fill, but you did what Rosie wanted to do and you did it well.

We are so sad and so sorry to hear this. 

We have been full of admiration for both of you. The way that Rosie was determined to lead the life that she loved was amazing. And your love for and dedication to her is something we will always remember.

I just wanted to let you know how much Rosie meant to me. 

Whenever we got together she always had that welcoming smile, the interested questions about how I was doing. She always showed she cared. And she was fun!

I remember the holiday you both took me and Tom on with fondness. I was really nervous at first but you both really made me feel welcome and comfortable. And I had the first of many fruitless fishing trips. 

Your dedication to each other and your shared passion for travel has been inspiring both in terms of making me want to get out and see the world, and in spending that time with someone that I love being with- even after weeks on end together in a campervan! 

And the strength and stoicism that the two of you have showed over the last ten years really takes my breath away. The fact that you both refused to let Rosie’s illness prevent you from getting out there and doing what you wanted to do will always stay with me.

We are both very sad to hear of Rosie's passing, right now we can only offer you our sincere condolences, we all know she put up a heroic fight for a long time, we won't forget her. We know its going to be difficult for you and can only send our love.

My heartfelt condolences to you and Emma, Paul, Simon, Tom and their families at finally losing Rosie to the brain cancer she had fought so courageously.

Rosie played such a big part of my memory of life at Hermitage during the 18 years I lived there, and beyond. She will always be there for me.

I am very very sad to receive this news.

I have often talked about that evening as we sat at a table together in St. Lucia and we all agreed that every moment in life needs to be celebrated. We all knew that every day is a gift and nothing is taken for granted.
I have always enjoyed the fact that the two of you have seen so much of our world together and appreciated the time in every moment.
We have nothing to be afraid of, but we will miss the people who have to go ahead...

Oh my I am so so sorry, you will miss her so so much.  And we all will miss her many wonderful notes and diaries that we all received.  I know you will be with your wondeful family all this time so we are sending you and your family,  our most heartfelt sympathies and will be sitting here thinking and remembering our time with both of you so many years ago in those very memorable days on our adventure, plus the time you stopped in Edmonton, here in Canada and we all went to the West Edmonton Mall. 

Words cannot express our sadness, especially not being able to see you these last few months, and you know that we send our deepest condolences. We will miss her cheerfulness and wonderful encyclopaedic knowledge of events in years gone by.

We are writing to say how terribly sorry we are to hear this news, and after so long together, your loss will I know be very keenly felt. However much the illness before means that you are very conscious of the end result, it is still a shock, and the hole that Rosie leaves in your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren will be enormous.  

It is perhaps a comfort to know that she died peacefully, and I hope too that you and your family were able to be with her at the end.  It is such a difficult time with all the COVID restrictions in place, that not being able to be with a loved one makes their dying that much more difficult I think - I hope this was not for you.

Rosie was, from the very short time that we reconnected, very brave and courageous about her illness. From the earlier days when we knew her, as my young sons' teacher, she gave so much to her pupils and to the school.  You will have some very treasured memories which I hope will sustain and comfort you as you face the months ahead. 

Thank you so much for enabling me to join you at yesterday's celebration of Rosie's life. I felt very close to you all despite the distance and was, very much, touched by it. 

Although we haven't seen each other in person for such a long time it reflected so much of, what I understand, was Rosie's personality and ethos. I very much share her strong ideas of the importance of family and I found myself reflecting on this during the celebration. 

It was always lovely to chat to you both in the centre and hear all about your latest travels. 

Thank you for choosing us as one of your charities at Rosie's funeral. I hope the day goes well, although I imagine it must challenging in these times to decide who can attend with the limit on gatherings.  Especially with your lovely large family and group of friends.

I am so sorry to hear your very sad news. She was a lovely person and lived life to the full and I will miss her interesting emails. I hope you have some of your family with you even though it is very hard at the moment to see people. My heart goes out to you and hope you can draw strength from your happy memories.

So very sorry to hear such sad news.  I have such happy memories of Rosie and valued her friendship, especially at school.  

We will certainly miss your  diaries and so admired your travelling exploits in such challenging circumstances

I can't quite believe this has actually happened as Rosie  always seemed to be able to overcome the adversity of her tumour ; I do know that she was so disappointed when the last doctor told her there was nothing else that medics could offer her. That must have been so terrible to hear. It is a small comfort that she passed away in her sleep.

The wonderful diaries, your maps & all the photographs will help to sustain you in the future. You have been such an incredibly strong & great support for Rosie throughout  and everyone could see how much you loved each other.

Needless to say we are devastated to hear the sad news about Rosie, she was such a fighter

with a strong spirit.  

I will definitely miss ‘her diaries’ but what a legacy !  a wonderful tribute to your family and friends.  

The recent diaries were very interesting as they included many past photos of your family.

We were privileged to be included on the mailing list for your ‘Travels’, and you even had a stopover in Parksville, Vancouver Island!

So sorry to hear the sad news, Rosie will be missed by so many people. It was always a joy for us to meet you both at HCC events and hear tales of your latest travel adventures. How you both remembered (mostly!) even the finer details of your trips was just amazing. What was even more incredible was that you both continued with your travelling despite Rosie’s major health issues and on-going treatments – an inspiration to us all, few could match, which encouraged many to “get on with things”.

Rosie was such a lovely lady, always greeting people with such a warm smile and genuinely interested in their wellbeing. She was especially very good for the Cellar Set’s ego, jostling for place with Dorie for the position of our greatest fan! Without fail at the end of the session Rosie would always thank us for playing which was always very well received and rare. Despite ‘my lady’ having known you both for a relatively short period, compared with the rest of us “old timers”, she always looked forward to meeting with you both and enjoyed her many chats with Rosie and has often commented on what an amazing lady she was.

I am ever so sorry to hear this news Adrian.

You have my deepest feelings of love for a great unassuming woman, that you shared with a very extended family.

The two of you spanning the globe in search of family, was a huge inspiration and I am now blessed with the fruits of your labour.

Thank you for coming to visit and telling us of your travels.

I am so sorry to hear this news.

I have many fond memories of Rosie both from my childhood and later in life.  She was a wonderful lady.

We just wanted to send our warmest love to you right now and let you know that you are very much in our thoughts.

We have SO many wonderful memories of good times shared with you and Rosie and watched and re-watched the video of Rosie sharing her and Grandma Cape's Annecy diaries at our wedding celebration out in France.., as well as thoroughly enjoying our recent lunch at Hermitage with you both and Mum..

Reading of your latest travels has always, for us, been such a great treat..

I was so sorry to hear that Rosie has lost her battle with her failing health & I am thinking of you & your wonderful family who will all be very sad.

It must be so difficult for you getting the necessary arrangements in place during these uncertain times which seem to be ongoing!

I can tell from Rosie’s emails that you have enjoyed your travels all over the world visiting family & many places off the beaten track & you will miss her terribly, but what happy memories to recall.

I first met Rosie when teaching at Priors Court & her love of the “little ones” in her care gave them the perfect grounding as they moved through the years. Her friendship, fun & generosity was always appreciated & when you called on us here during the summer of 2014 I was so pleased to see you both & hear about everything you were doing.

From what I can gather Rosie was a real fighter who was not going to let her brain tumour stop her doing things & I am so pleased to learn that she passed away peacefully, hopefully with you by her side.

I was so very sorry to read your sad news of Rosie’s death. I’m glad that it was peaceful for her.   Please accept my sincere condolences to you and to your family.  I will really miss her.

I had such admiration for Rosie as she continued to travel with you to those great   destinations and to send those wonderful travel diaries even while she was struggling with her brain stem tumour.  I have saved the diaries and still love to re-read them and  enjoy the pictures.  What good memories you must have of all the wonderful journeys that you and Rosie shared.  I really enjoyed your visit to us here in Parksville, Canada and was happy that Rosie and you could get to know my husband and meet my mum.  

Very sad news to hear. Our thoughts are with you and the rest of your family. It is a difficult time - words are well intentioned but never quite enough.

I don’t know if Rosie achieved all her travel dreams but she must have been close to the mark. We will miss her travel accounts - all the details, the pictures, and the inevitable “swim”.


We are so very sorry to hear that Rosie has passed away. A really lovely person and am sure that you are all devastated. She was an inspiration to us all never to give up and we are sure that having such a lovely family was that inspiration.

I am so so sorry to hear this news.

I have been thinking of you and all the family.

I think it’s so lovely you made the most of your time together, on your wonderful adventures. What a lot of lovely memories you have to cherish.

I’m sure Rosie is up with mum in heaven now, skipping and dancing and laughing. I’m sure my mum will look after her up there. 

I have been remembering all the lovely times I have spent with you and Rosie right from when I was young to our recent visit in your garden.

We will be praying for you today and the time to come.

We are so very sorry to hear about Rosie. It is a blow to you and your family and we can only imagine how you will all miss her and mourn her death.

You all had wonderful travels together and our time spent travelling with you in Central America will always be a bright and warmly remembered period in our memories. 

We will miss her diaries, to be sure and we wish you and your family many happy memories of your time together, her love for her garden, her photos, her grandchildren and the clan gatherings in various places all over the world. 

We were so very sorry to hear of Rosies’s death this morning.   It has been a delight over the years to follow your travels through her diaries.   Her courage in tackling her tumour, travelling in spite of it and just getting on with her life is an inspiration to us all.

We are so sorry to hear about Rosie. We love her dearly and she was so wonderful at keeping up with people. We're so thankful that you had such a marvellous life together, amazing travels, beautiful children and grandchildren. You were so caring, particularly when she needed you most.

Meeting her again after so long and being reminded of our very happy school days together had been a real treat.

Here are some extracts from cards and emails of the wonderful things you said about Rosie. I hope you will forgive me if you felt they were personal to us, but I have tried to make them anonymous. Thank you all for sending them. If you are unhappy about any of them please let me know.


Extracts from cards & emails

The following obituaries are taken from the Historic Caran Clubs's publication - The Wanderer

We were amazed at how Rosie managed to have a full as possible life despite having such an awful diagnosis. Onelovely memory I have of her generosity was when we went to the Malvern Show in 2018. It was so cold on the first night and I was telling Rosie the next morning how we had not slept because we were so cold that she felt sorry for me and lent me a hot water bottle for the remainder of the stay. Their motorhome was so well equipped for all occasions that they had 2 hot water bottles! As soon as I arrived home I bought one which will now remind me of Rosie and her courage.



Our first encounter with Rosie and Adrian was at the very 1st HCC "National Rally" held at the village hall and field at Hinxworth in Hertfordshire. Thereafter we saw them often at steam shows and at HCC social rallies around the country. We organized the Club "National" in 2000 at a school in Henley- on-Thames, where they attended with their 1920s caravan and their old Morris car. A lovely matching outfit, although we remember their having some towing difficulties both getting there, and returning home. When we started 'Hooray Henley' in 2008, they became regular attendees, often having to fit arrival and departures around their numerous family 'celebrations'family to Rosie always came first!

Rosie loved the wonderful social 'atmosphere'at HH; particularly the Saturday evening parties in the big Marquee, joining in with dressing-up 'Henley Regatta' style and dancing to 'The Cellar Set' till late into the night. It was at a HH Rally that Rosie became ill, suffering bad headaches all weekend, and confined to resting in their camper-van. Shortly after this Rosie was diagnosed with her tumour. Did she let this setback stop her from doing her rallying and with Adrian at her side travelling all round the world, visiting places most of us content ourselves with just dreaming about  NO it did NOT I!

She kept a comprehensive diary of their travels and sent regular updates to their website with maps and items of interest from wherever in the world she happened to be.

Always wonderful reading! At caravan 'Show' rallies Rosie was careful to 'dress' their [tiny] caravan to period, putting on a splendid display for the public. Although the caravan was not big, the amount of period items, inside and out, was amazing. We were lucky enough to be parked next to them at their last "Show" rally at 'Malvern', just before they sold the caravan, [with the progression of her illness she was finding it more difficult to manage.] However, she still attended social rallies in their 'Camper'.

For Rosie, historic caravanning was a habit hard to break, having been an active member of the HCC since the Club's first year in 1993.

Bless you Rosie, we shall all miss you lots.


We were so sad to hear of Rosie's passing on 6th November after a long battle with a brain tumour.

Rosie and Adrian have been loyal supporters of the H.C.C. since its foundation in 1993. Their lovely 1929 Eccles enhanced many of our displays and social rallies, always immaculately presented with an interesting collection of period memorabilia.

Rosie was wonderful company, full of fun, with an infectious zest for life's many experiences.

She delighted in the company of her four children and her grandchildren, family gatherings playing a central role in her busy life.

She and Adrian enjoyed travelling extensively in their motorhome to many worldwide destinations, touring Europe, Canada, America, The Galapagos Islands and many more remote places. Each year their friends received an illustrated account of their adventures, which made exciting reading.

In more recent times, in spite of her diagnosis, she continued, with Adrian's support, to travel and live life to the full. This cannot have been easy but she coped with tremendous spirit and bravery, exceeding her predicted life expectancy by several years.

Rosie was a very special lady and will be sorely missed.

Our sincere condolences go to Adrian, Emma, Paul, Simon, Tom and their families.


Wow! What an amazing lady Rosie was. It was always a joy for us to meet Adrian and Rosie at HCC events and hear tales of their latest travel adventures. How they both remembered (mostly!) even the finer details of their trips was just mind boggling. What was even more incredible was that they both continued their travels despite Rosie's major health issues and on-going treatments - an inspiration to us all few could match, encouraging anyone to "get on with things" despite life's obstacles. Their journeys often incorporated visits to family members and events in far flung places. And it was lovely to see photos and hear stories of the grand children's progress.

Rosie and Adrian have been keen members and supporters of the HCC since 1993, the Club's first year.

Rosie was such a lovely lady, always greeting people with such a warm smile and genuinely interested in their wellbeing. She was especially very good for the Cellar Set's ego, jostling for place with Dorrie for the position of our greatest fan! Without fail at the end of every session Rosie would thank us for playing; this was always very well received. Despite Trisha having known Rosie and Adrian for a relatively short period, compared with the rest of us "old timers", she always looked forward to meeting them and enjoyed her many chats with Rosie, she often commented on what an amazing lady Rosie was and how her gentle persona reminded her of a lady from a bygone era.

Rosie will be missed by so many people. Our thoughts are with Adrian and the family.


We were pleased Rosie and Adrian were able to attend both our rallies at Rivendell where they had a favourite place facing the small orchard. We also enjoyed their company when they stayed with us previously, after which they visited family in Abergavenny.How the years have gone by. We knew Rosie and Adrian since our children were young and we had just two caravans. Rosie was always keen to engage with the children, what they were doing at school, their play and about family. Rosie was devoted to her own and ever expanding family many which could be found beyond our shores. Distance was not a problem for Rosie and family gatherings were often and large. The logistics we're mind boggling but Rosie seemed the glue that brought it together. Adrian and Rosie had only recently retired when we first met them but had epic travel plans including travelling in their motorhome to every state in America. These travels were logged and shared with friends and we were delighted to listen to their travel adventures

and the cultures and experiences they had. Equally at home, travel was a dominant feature, the trusty motorhomes did far more than tow the vintage Eccles to HCC events, but it was at those rallies that many of us knew the extent of Rosie's wanderlust travels.

In later years Rosie with her diagnosis confounded doctors and friends with her determination, sheer grit, luck and support of Adrian and continued with a full active travelling and family life.

Rosie you were a true inspiration to many, you will be missed.

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